Why doesn’t my cron job run?

Possible reasons your cron job won’t execute:

  • Check your script
  • Type the exact content of your script in your terminal window and verify that is is working manually. Then, if your server supports it, check if it works when you execute manually from web interface.
  • Use full paths
  • Many servers will run scripts without full paths both from the command line and in the web interface; however, they may not run on schedule.
  • If you are using:
  • * * * * * cd /users/home/username/domains/mydomain.tld/web/public/folder; php -f cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1
  • Try this, with full paths:
  • * * * * *cd /users/home/username/domains/mydomain.tld/web/public/folder; /usr/local/bin/php -f cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1
  • The time is not set correctly
  • The time is usually GMT/UTC on your server. Don’t look at your system clock. Click here for instructions to see the date/time on your server. Also, verify that the correct minutes, hours, days, months, and weekdays are active.
  • Reference files have been moved or deleted
  • Check any files used in your script and make sure they are in the location referenced by your script.
  • Your cron job is not active
  • Make sure your cron job is marked active (not disabled)

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